Evening Hours Now Available

We are happy to announce the arrival of evening hours at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center.  Tuesday and Thursday our veterinarian, Dr. Jim Carlson, sees appointments until 8 PM.  The new hours have been very well received by the community, helping ease busy workday schedules and freeing up weekends for pet owners.  Please call … Continued

Emma the Equine Burn Survivor Helped Through Holistic Medicine

Emma, the slaughter bound equine burn survivor living with Dr. Carlson’s family is starting to turn a corner after the devastating accident that burned 60% of her left side and hindquarters. Dr. Carlson presented Emma’s case at the Midwest Horse Fair and discussed new findings of Emma’s recent custom holistic test.  After recently upgrading the … Continued

Carlsons launch new book at Midwest Horse Fair

Cristen Carlson will be launching her first book, Stories of Hope through Holistic Veterinary Medicine, on Saturday, April 21st at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin.  Written with Dr. Jim Carlson, the book highlights the holistic veterinary success stories that Dr. Carlson has worked with in his clinics.  From horses to dogs and cats, … Continued

Dr. Jim Carlson Presents at Midwest Horse Fair

Dr Jim Carlson, owner of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center and Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry has been selected to speak at the Midwest Horse Fair, Saturday, April 21, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dr. Carlson and his daughter Avery will discuss the care of the Carlsons burned rescued horse, Emma.  Emma was a slaughter bound … Continued

Grove Announces Responsible Pet Owner Series

February is Pet Dental Health Month. We have added service and discounts to our pet dental cleaning prices this year.  Also, this is Responsible Pet Owners month. Coming in February we will post a series of informational blogs to our website www.groveanimalhospital.com The posts range in ontecnt from handling divorce and pet “custody” according to the … Continued

Hope Through Holistic Veterinary Medicine: Cloud’s Story

Cloud enjoyed most days romping with her owner around a horse farm. She’d been happy her whole life and well-loved.  With at least one long daily walk and many adventures weekly, Cloud was a well-adjusted and very well cared for Australian Shepherd.  With gorgeous blue eyes and a wavy gray merle coat, Cloud was admired … Continued

Divorce Laws Mean Changes to Pet “Custody”

Divorce, Separation and Your Pet Who gets the kids? The house? The car? And…. the dog?  The long important question of how to settle custody disputes over family pets during a split now has a concrete foundation.  The State of Illinois now allows pets to be considered for sole or joint ownership during divorce proceedings. … Continued

Help for Dogs with Loss of Use in Hind Legs

Just like people are living longer lives so are dogs.  The reasons are similar: better diets and better medical care.   But age can come with mobility problems for pets just as it does for humans.  Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center now offers GingerLead products.  This mobility product is needed when a dog experiences back … Continued

Deals On 3 Months of Flea & Tick Coverage

    interested in making it through the entire flea and tick season with just two doses of medication?  It’s possible with Bravecto and now we have some deals to send your way. The ease of use of Bravecto is unsurpassed because you only have to mark your calendar twice the entire season to give canines … Continued