Show Horse with Chronic Colic Saved with Custom Holistic Testing and Treatment by Dr. Jim Carlson

Louie JumpingThis beautiful show horse, After Dark, experienced several symptoms of chronic colic, edema and swelling through the girth area and underbelly, pogo-ing movement and a painful, deep hoof abscess. The horse is used as a child’s mount in the hunter/jumper program at a suburban Chicago barn. After testing saliva and hair samples and a holistic examination, it was found After Dark was allergic or sensitive to many of the ingredients in his feed including: flaxseed, sweeteners, corn and other additives. Dr. Carlson customized homeopathic drops for the horse and made some key changes to his diet. After just a week of eating a diet of plain oats and hay, After Dark was back to normal jumping 2’6″ jumps with his 13 year old rider. No more colic, pain, swelling or abscesses and retesting of fresh hair and saliva samples indicates the horse is completely back to balance across all systems. Additionally, After Dark’s movement improved and his stride became longer and smoother. In fact, he and his child rider just won a Grand Champion ribbon!