Custom Holistic Testing Helps Cat

arnold-jenkinsArnold, a 16 year old beloved cat had been on prednisone for inflammatory bowel disease for several years. His vets said came to Riverside with his owner for holistic consultation. “His regular veterinarian and an emergency vet told me there was nothing else they could do for him,” said Arnold’s owner Barbara Jenkins. “I knew there had to be a way to help Arnold so I looked on the Internet and read about Dr. Carlson.” It was a fortunate move for the feline who was losing weight due to his IBD. A diagnosis was made through custom holistic testing for Arnold. “I noticed Arnold was thin and looked like he could put on weight and his overall appearance spoke volumes.  He just wasn’t vibrant,” said Dr. Carlson who prescribed a number of natural alternatives while greatly reducing Arnold’s steroid use. The cat’s treatments included acupuncture, aquapuncture, herbal therapy and Healthy Powder and Vitamin B12 therapy. He feels better and started to regain weight “I thought perhaps too much,” said his owner Barbara Jenkins. Arnold’s most recent tests are all balanced. We are so proud that we can effectively help this dear cat through our holistic program. “I know Arnold will be my last cat as I’m retired and I want him to stay healthy as long as possible. Dr. Carlson worked his magic. Arnold is like a new cat,” said Ms. Jenkins. Glad we could help Arnold and glad your mom did her research!