Our clients often request our professional team provide grooming services for their pets. While we aren’t officially a grooming shop, our experienced assistants can perform many traditional grooming procedures in a safe environment. Our Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center team can also offer sedation for anxious pets in a professional setting where your pet will also be monitored for safety. Whether you’re looking for some basics like ear cleaning, nail trims, anal gland expression or a bath and blow out, our team will be happy to help you get your pet freshened up. Below, please see a list of our affordable grooming packages for a chance to combine basic grooming into a money saving bundle.

We now offer many new treatments available for purchase in our pet store to add to your pet’s grooming appointment.  From skin soothing Madra Mor mud baths to nose and paw protection and conditioning balms and essential oils, we have your pet’s grooming experience covered from tip to tail.

Grooming Service Packages

New Items in Grooming:

Madra Mor Canine Mud Treatments *NOW AVAILABLE*

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*Shed Safely Mud Treatments – This treats shedding with a vitamin rich formula that smells like heaven. Our assistants wanted to take it home!  See the Madra Mor video here.

*Fortifying Mud – Detox and strengthen skin and coat

*Soothing Mud – Calm, comfort and promote healing

*Mobility Mud – Cool, refreshing and contains the therapeutic properties of peppermint


Natural Dog Company Products *NEW*

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Organic Wrinkle Balm for skin folds

Organic PawTector wax barrier for paws

Organic Snout Soother for dry skin

Available in large or travel sizes these products help fight winter dryness and provide a protective barrier to salt and snow.

Read more to find out how these products work for winter,








*NEW* Warren London Paw Fizz Tablets

One of our favorite innovations from the Warren London company.  Gets rid of that corn chip smell in your pet’s paws!  Made with White Tea Tree oil, these paw fizz tablets make a great addition to your regular grooming program and help paw licking.  Great for a post walk treatment when your pet is exposed to snow, ice, salt or summer hazards or simply to freshen things up a bit!  We’ll even soak your pet’s feet for you!