Jimmy at TSCGrove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center is now offering Free Vaccines for Life.  The program gives free core vaccinations with a paid exam. Just pay a one-time enrollment fee and return every year for a wellness exam.

Which vaccines are covered?

The core vaccinations, as determined by the American Animal Hospital Association, are rabies and distemper/parvovirus combo for dogs and rabies and feline rhinotracheitis combination for cats.

Why aren’t other vaccinations covered?

Other vaccinations are not covered because they are based on age, lifestyle, travel, kenneling, grooming and exposure.

Why does my pet have to have an exam?

This exam is time set aside solely for the annual wellness visit.  It allows our veterinarians to look at your pet’s overall health, prescribe medications for the year and work with you on behavioral and other concerns.  The free vaccines are not given to pets outside of this appointment.

Is this just a way to promote vaccines that my pet might not need?

No.  Our practice’s philosophy is very conservative when it comes to vaccination.  We use a lifestyle risk assessment to determine your pet’s vaccination needs.  We work cooperatively with you, the pet owner, to find the right balance between vaccination and non-vaccination.

How good of a deal is this, really?

If you figure in the cost of your pet’s vaccinations for the rest of his life, then this program will likely save you a significant amount of money over time.

What about the county tag fee?

The county license and tag fee will appear separately on your invoice and is money paid to your county.  This is not included in the Free Vaccines for Life program.

What is covered in the wellness exam?

We examine your pet’s age, lifestyle, weight, nutrition, skin, oral health, ears, eyes, an EKG if needed, bones and joints, lumps and bumps and our holistic doctors offer natural remedies for your pet.  This is also the time to put together a plan with the doctor for holistic care, blood and urine testing or diagnostic imaging.

During this appointment, we will write all of your pet’s current prescriptions with refills for the year.  You may also pre-schedule delivery and ordering of your pet’s medication and supplies for the year with our technical team so you don’t have to worry about running out of any items.  We will keep your pet’s pre-order sheets in a filing system to keep up with your orders without having to call ahead.

Why the change to free vaccines?

Our practice focuses on wellness, prevention and proactivity.  We feel by helping you meet your pet’s goals you will be happier and your pet healthier in the long term.  The focus changes from stretching the budget to handle all of your pet’s vaccine goals to getting a quality exam and a good foundation for your pet’s health for the year to come.

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