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Veterinary Grade Holistic Products and New Foods Now at Grove 
Expert Holistic Guidance at Grove

In the Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center holistic program, we handle each pet’s health plan individually, not as a blanket approach. The pet store is an exciting extension of those services.

According to Dr. Jim Carlson, owner of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center, the effort is borne out of concern for clients and their pets. “There are so many places to receive information about holistic medicine but sometimes clients are confused, receive the wrong information or are enticed to spend money they don’t need to by salespeople who aren’t experts and who don’t understand the need for custom care,” said Dr. Carlson.

“After many years of developing our holistic program, my staff has become expert in understanding how products apply to the specific medical needs of our patients. The team has expressed concern about the type of information outside sources are providing. So it was time to put the staff’s knowledge and caring attitudes together to help pets become well and owners to save money and frustration by opening our own store within the clinic,” according to Dr. Carlson.

“Before coming in one of my clients spent $400 on supplements only to discover her pet was allergic to them and her dog’s problems became much worse,” said Dr. Carlson. “As she so unfortunately found out, there are great informational sources out there and some that aren’t so great. There is a lot of marketing toward pet owners that isn’t in the best interest of the animal. It wastes energy, time and money for pet owners who feel worn out, skeptical and taken advantage of.  My goal is to help my clients find the right products for their pets that support and heal their needs affordably and effectively.”


grove-dog-house-mailboxBook Donation Program

Help us grow our Little Free Library

Have you seen our Little Free Library?  It’s right in front of the building along the sidewalk adjacent to McHenry Road. Dr. Carlson’s family chose to create the library because they love reading and wanted to share their enthusiasm and their large library of gently used books with the community.  They hope you will stop by frequently and enjoy the clinic patio with your kids, friends and neighbors.

We are accepting donations of gently used books.  Donate a book and get $1 credit per item on your clinic account (not to exceed 10 books).  Books should be odor free, stain free and in good condition.




Winter Holiday Photos at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center


Sunday, December 4, 2016 from 1-3 PM  Call for an appointment!  It’s free and we will serve kosher cookies, doughnuts and pet treats.  Open House for our new pet store!



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