Holistic Veterinary Pet Store Meal Topper Benefits

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center’s Holistic Veterinary Pet Store features new dehydrated dog and cat food products and treats that are designed to add nutritious benefits to your pet’s existing diet.  Treats such as Raw Rewards Wild Caught Salmon are excellent sources of protein and can be fed as a stand alone treat or meal topper.  The line by Northwest Naturals offers both cat and dog foods and many flavors of treats that are all dehydrated. You can wet them down or feed them dry.  These nuggets provide added Omega 3’s, protein and are clean to feed for pet owners who don’t like the mess and possible contamination of raw meat.

If you’re thinking of making your own meal toppers, there are many foods right in your kitchen that could work simply and easily.  “Adding the meal topper adds additional whole food nutrition which can help make nutrients in the diet more available which improves digestion of the regular diet.  These also make good snacks and training treats,” said Dr. Jim Carlson of Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center.  Here’s a starter list:  eggs, sardines, slightly cooked vegetables, plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), kefir, some baby foods and plain yogurt.

“Raw vegetables are difficult for carnivores to digest. Slight cooking makes the vitamins and minerals more available to pets.  Steaming them helps them more palatable and easier on the stomach,” said Dr. Carlson.

Please stop by the holistic veterinary pet store at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center to see our new office and our evolving line up of veterinary grade holistic products.

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