Holistic Veterinary Pet Store Features Super Premium Cat Litter

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center now offer a super premium cat litter from Poland. This product uses natural means to keep the litter box odor-free (really!) and it’s safe for kids, pets and people who have allergies.  Also, we carry the scented version at our Buffalo Grove holistic pet supply store found within the building of Grove.  We carry two scented litters made with bentonite clay and nano silver which smell like sea and lavender.  Dr. Jim Carlson, owner and holistic veterinarian, has provided sniff test samples for you.

Here’s more info from BazylAg of Poland:

“Bazyl Ag+ is the first and only cat litter on the market which contain silver ions. Nano silver is a natural antibiotic with antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It is highly efficient and prevents growth of bacteria and fungi. It also completely neutralizes unpleasant odours. Thanks to the added nano silver, every cat litter tray is always kept impeccably clean and free from bacteria and germs. Nano silver is safe even for small children and allergy sufferers. We are still broadening our knowledge on the beneficial effects of silver ions. Nano silver is now being used in many fields: medicine, pharmacy, cosmetology, agriculture and horticulture. The use of these ions in animal bedding for small pets is an invention patented by Celpap in the Polish Patent Office. Bazyl Ag+ Cat Litter with nano silver is recommended for cat owners for whom ultra-hygienic cleanliness of the cat tray is key.” -Bazyl website

Our mission at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center’s veterinary pet store is to find exceptional products for your pet that are earth friendly, locally produced and enhance your life as a pet owner in a positive way.


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