Deals On 3 Months of Flea & Tick Coverage



interested in making it through the entire flea and tick season with just two doses of medication?  It’s possible with Bravecto and now we have some deals to send your way. The ease of use of Bravecto is unsurpassed because you only have to mark your calendar twice the entire season to give canines this chewable, soft tablet that offers up to 90 days of coverage and no oily mess like that found in topical flea and tick meds.   Cat lovers get the same unprecedented coverage with a topical version of Bravecto.


Bravecto works on fleas and ticks with up to 3 months of coverage and is sold at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center and Riverside Animal Clinic McHenry


Bravecto is FDA approved for dogs and cats alike and kills 100% of fleas and ticks within 12 hours of administration.   To learn more visit

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