Divorce Laws Mean Changes to Pet “Custody”

Divorce, Separation and Your Pet Who gets the kids? The house? The car? And…. the dog?  The long important question of how to settle custody disputes over family pets during a split now has a concrete foundation.  The State of Illinois now allows pets to be considered for sole or joint ownership during divorce proceedings. … Continued

Help for Dogs with Loss of Use in Hind Legs

Just like people are living longer lives so are dogs.  The reasons are similar: better diets and better medical care.   But age can come with mobility problems for pets just as it does for humans.  Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center now offers GingerLead products.  This mobility product is needed when a dog experiences back … Continued

Deals On 3 Months of Flea & Tick Coverage

    interested in making it through the entire flea and tick season with just two doses of medication?  It’s possible with Bravecto and now we have some deals to send your way. The ease of use of Bravecto is unsurpassed because you only have to mark your calendar twice the entire season to give canines … Continued

Holistic Success Saves Owner Thousands of Dollars

  Layney is a super cool 7 year old Boston Terrier who sports a light up LED vest.  She has a lot of personality and you could say her owners, Walt and Linda Kersten, dote on her just a little bit.  When Layney became paralyzed in her hind end last August, they came to Dr. … Continued

Holistic Veterinary Pet Store Features Super Premium Cat Litter

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center now offer a super premium cat litter from Poland. This product uses natural means to keep the litter box odor-free (really!) and it’s safe for kids, pets and people who have allergies.  Also, we carry the scented version at our Buffalo Grove holistic pet supply store found within the … Continued

Holistic Veterinary Pet Store Meal Topper Benefits

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center’s Holistic Veterinary Pet Store features new dehydrated dog and cat food products and treats that are designed to add nutritious benefits to your pet’s existing diet.  Treats such as Raw Rewards Wild Caught Salmon are excellent sources of protein and can be fed as a stand alone treat or … Continued

Pet Ownership Regulations in Buffalo Grove

Not sure of the animal regulations of the Village of Buffalo Grove?  Here’s a link providing all the rules and regs of pet ownership in the village:   https://www.municode.com/library/il/buffalo_grove/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT6AN   Dr. Carlson Owner & Holistic Veterinarian Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center launches Little Free Library

Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center has installed an adorable Little Free Library along the sidewalk on Route 83.  The doghouse themed library offers books for all ages. We invite the Buffalo Grove community to share the Carlson family’s love of reading by stopping by the library.  There is a bench seat available and also … Continued

All Natural Flea & Tick Repel Spray Now Available

Hi!  We wanted to tell you about the all-natural flea and tick repel spray we carry at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center.  Here’s some info from VetriScience: This spray is a natural flea and tick repellent formulated by nature. Vetri Repel Spray combines Brazilian oils derived from certified forests which act as a natural … Continued